Missing Persons Finding Lost loved ones Finding birth parents

We have been highly successful in locating people that have runaway, have disappeared, or for other reasons are no longer in contact with you. We have found people that police agencies have deemed “impossible to find”.

If the person you are seeking is in need of medical help, call the police immediately.

Our success stories in locating people, sometimes without even having a name, is nothing short of phenomenal. Knowing where to look, who to speak to, how to comb through records is an art that can only be acquired through experience.

We have successfully assisted police agencies in locating persons in need of medical help, astounding those agencies when we would call them to say “We found him.”

The most rewarding thing is seeing and hearing our clients relief, or joy, in either reuniting, or at least knowing where the person they were looking for is. Sometimes there is sadness in discovering a long lost loved one has passed away, but knowing is always better than wondering where they are, or if they are alive.