Background Check

Data-base background and criminal records checks should be utilized prior to hiring any new employee. Knowing whether a person has been arrested, or is involved in legal actions can be vital to the safety of your business.

What is the difference between a Data-base Background Check and a Criminal Records Check?

Data-base background checks do not include a criminal history unless that history is public record. If you need to know if the subject has a criminal history in New York State, you need to run a criminal records check through a licensed private investigator.

Data-base background checks will give you the subject’s history as follows:

Any known aliases, other names associated with subject, Others associated with subjects SSN, Address Summary, Active Address, Previous & Non-Verified Address, Phones including landline and cell phones registered, Motor Vehicles Registered, Concealed Weapons Permit, DEA Controlled Substances, People at Work, Professional Licenses, FAA Certifications, FAA Aircrafts, Watercraft, Voter Registration, Hunting/Fishing Permit, Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments, UCC Filings, Possible Properties Owned, Possible Associates, Possible Relatives.

Criminal Records Checks in addition to Background Checks can provide additional information to give you peace of mind.

Be Careful Who You Hire.

Before hiring anyone for your background checks, note that in the State of New York only licensed private investigators and police can get criminal records checks. There are many companies advertising on the internet for Background Checks for as little as $9.99. The reports you receive from these companies only include public record information and this is typically information you can find out on your own. In New York, Criminal Records are never public information.

It would not be unusual for one of these unlicensed companies to send you a report stating that there is no criminal history when in fact they were just unable to obtain it publicly. What does this mean? If John Doe is arrested for DUI and it is released in the local newspaper, these companies will have access to that information. But if John Doe is arrested for DUI, and there is no press release, and/or if he is released, even if the case is active in the courts, then these companies will report “no criminal history”.
Woodard and Berke Investigations – Licensed in New York.

For complete and accurate Background and Criminal Records Checks, that are quick and affordable, call Woodard and Berke Investigations today. We are a fully licensed private investigations firm with the ability to get the information you need to feel confident about your hiring decisions.