Corporate Investigations

Corporate theft — Corporate Fraud — Employee theft — Shop lifting — Missing stock

Woodard and Berke Investigations are experts in all areas of corporate fraud or theft. If you have suspicions that funds or property is missing, or that someone you employ is stealing, call us. The police will not conduct an investigation to see if you are missing funds, or if property has been stolen from your business. The police will only become involved after a crime is committed. We have the experts that can go over your books or your stock to see what or if something is amiss.

Are all your checks accounted for? Does something seem amiss? Are your books off, even if only by pennies? Are you missing stock or do you find that customers are complaining that they are not receiving shipped merchandise?

Are you replenishing your petty cash account much more then you think you should? Is your production rate where it should be, or does it seem like your employees do not even show up for work sometimes?

Do your employees shop at your business secretly? Do their families? Our investigations have revealed employee relatives shoplifting with the full knowledge of employees that look the other way.

All these questions have been asked of us, and we have discovered that the answers are not always legitimate. We have helped many companies identify theft, corruption, and mismanagement.

If you suspect theft, fraud, embezzlement…