Locate Case & Missing Persons

If your child or a special needs family member is missing, call the police first!

Woodard and Berke private investigators have the resources and the knowledge to help you locate missing persons. In emergencies, we can have a team of investigators at your location usually within the hour.

We are not an internet “Instant Search” database company; we are a team of licensed private investigators. Our private investigators have access to resources and specialists to help you find a missing person as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Without the help of experienced, licensed private investigators, trying to find missing people on your own may be an impossible task. Sometimes, just having a professional “outsider” ask questions and look in different places is the key to finding your loved ones.

Woodard and Berke Private Investigators can help you locate:

Children – Please notify your police department first in cases of missing children or handicapped children. Your local police should respond immediately. We should be your second call and can have a team searching and tracking within hours. If your child is over the age of 16 and listed as a runaway, the police will not search for them. Woodard and Berke can assist you through this challenging time. If the police have stopped their search, call us and we will have a team ready to continue the search.

Long Lost Friend, Love or Missing Relative – Searching for someone, especially in a large city like New York or a large suburban area like Long Island, with populations in the millions is extremely difficult. Our private investigators have a wide network of resources to assist in the search.

Separated from Siblings, Parents, or other Loved Ones – If you have become separated from a sibling, parent or other family member and wish to reconnect, we can help.

Support Payments – Woodard and Berke has the experience and the resources to help you find those who intentionally have run away, missed child support payments, alimony, or other ordered payments.

Missing Elderly or Mentally Disabled – It is emotionally draining and challenging for a family to lose an elderly or mentally disabled loved one. The private investigators at Woodard and Berke listen to you and use all available resources to help you protect your loved ones and locate them as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to help you locate missing persons, not strip you of all your money. You shouldn’t have to pay for information you already have. When you work with Woodard and Berke private investigators, we encourage you to gather as much information as possible before starting the case. Call us today to begin your important search.