Personal Investigation

Trying to find or contact an old love? Looking to find out about your daughter’s new boyfriend? What type of family he comes from?

Is there a person close to you that seems to be hiding something from you? Do the references you provide for employment, give the right information about you? Is your best friend hiding an affair? Personal Investigation cases don’t fall into the normal spectrum of what most agencies handle. These are the cases that need the utmost discretion, and no one can ever find out that you hired a private detective.

This is where Woodard and Berke Private Investigations excels above all other private investigation firms. Because of our commitment to client satisfaction, we take each case personally and handle that case as if a family member is involved. And, your case will not be handled by a variety of “field investigators” or “case detectives” (sometimes just kids out of college), but by a licensed private detective who will speak with you directly. You can trust that any and all information is kept highly confidential.